A mattress is the most essential bedroom item, for it's the surface that's actually slept on. It's far from the only item in the bedroom, though. If you're buying a new mattress, it may be time to update the other furniture and accessories in your bedroom. Here are some other items you might want to buy along with a new mattress.

A Custom Box Spring

Box springs sit directly under mattresses. They provide mattresses with support and elevate mattresses, both of which are important functions. The support offered helps extend a mattress' life span, and the additional height makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
If you need a new mattress, it's probably time to get a new box spring too. Yours has likely worn out already. Even if it isn't yet worn out, it'll likely wear out in a few years -- and before you mattress does. You might as well get a new one now that'll last the entire life span of your mattress.
While you can get a standard box spring, a custom one will better serve both your mattress and you. You can have a box spring made specifically for your mattress, so it provides the exact amount of support that your new mattress needs. You can also have box springs made in a variety of heights, so you can get one that will make your bed the perfect height.

A Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames hold box springs, elevating them off the floor. These frames make beds look nicer, keep the box frame from sitting directly on the floor and make a bed moveable. (Most metal bed frames have wheels).
While the benefits that a metal bed frame provides may seem small, they shouldn't be underestimated. Elevating your box spring off the floor creates some storage space and reduces the likelihood of any insects that are on the floor getting into your bed. Having a moveable bed makes it much easier to clean underneath the bed.
Even though they're constructed from metal, metal bed frames can wear out. Years of nightly use puts a strain on the metal, and they can warp. Additionally, jumping on the bed or other activities can put even more force on the bed frame and make it bend.
Your bed's metal frame may still be in good shape. If it is, you don't need a new one. If it is warped or the supports are bent, though, you should replace the frame while you're replacing your mattress and box spring.

Under the Bed Storage Containers

The space created by a metal bed frame is perfect for storing seasonal clothes or other items that can be laid flat. This space is only useful, though, if you have storage containers that fit under your bed.
Many companies make under-the-bed storage containers, but there's unfortunately not a uniform size for these containers. Both containers and bed frames can vary in height. As a result, any current under-the-bed storage containers you have may or may not fit under your new metal bed frame.
After getting your new bed set up, try to slide any storage containers you have under the bed. If they fit, you don't need to get new ones. If they're too tall for your new metal bed frame, give them to someone and get yourself some storage containers that will fit. (Alternatively, if they fit but there's still space you may want taller containers that provide more storage space.)
If you're looking for a new mattress, contact us at Southern Bedding about also getting a custom box spring and metal bed frame.